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Little Sweet Cheeks Vol. 3

Little Sweet Cheeks Vol. 3

SKU: 033

Sweet Cheeks Vol. 3 "The Final Cheek" approaches several non typical requests to fill the gaps of needed designs in the balloon world. Eric's Great designs will amaze you with how Quickly, amazingly cute designs can come together, to set you apart from your competitors.  Eric’s teaches you step by step directions in over 2.5 hours of video, to ensure that your guests will be amazed when you arrive. This video includes a : Bat, Ostrich, Hermit Crab, Elf, Foxy, Turkey, Slimer, Husky and Flounder designs ;all to make YOU look like a pro.


Sweet Cheeks Vol. 3 also Features 2 guest appearances and lessons by Jason Secoda, who is a Multi Award winning balloon artist and holder of the much envied title of "Top Twister" at the International Twist and Shout balloon convention. Jason Teaches an amazing "Moon Man" which is followed by Ursula taught by John Justice, balloon newcomer and recent instructor at the Florida Super Jam. 


This last video of the series is sure to blow the minds of your clients and make those repeat bookings so much easier.  

  • Sweet Cheeks Promo Video!

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