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Party Delights Bonus Hatching Egg

Party Delights Bonus Hatching Egg


Party Delights is an awesome mix of creations that are guaranteed to take your art to the next level!  Both kids and adults love balloons with the "WOW!" factor.  Every design on this video has a fun, cartoony look that will immediately bring out a smile.  In this video, I not only give you step by step instructions, I do evey design in REAL TIME, so I time myself to get it done in 3 minutes.  Some of the designs are linework, others take a little longer. However, when I do it in REAL TIME, I modify the designs, so you can see how it can be made quicker.  I'm telling you, this video rocks!!!! Check out the list below, and get your copy today!

1. Horse/Donkey

2. Ant

3. Pumpkin

4. Little Dinosaur

5. Big Dinosaur

6. Poppy Troll

7. Super Mario

8. Ninja Turtle

9. Minion

10. Alligator


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